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Choosing and installing the perfect bathroom for your home can be stressful and daunting. We have some useful tips to try and make the whole experience more enjoyable!

Firstly, have a good look at your bathroom and the space that you have, taking into account the main features that you cannot alter, like where the window is, the door and the existing plumbing.

Take time to measure your available space, to fit your desired shower enclosure, and then measure it again to ensure its 100% accurate.

Quadrant or Corner Entries

The Quadrant And Corner Entry shower enclosures are perfect to fit into the corners of your bathroom.

The main benefit, of these enclosures, is that you are using the existing two solid walls to fix your shower enclosure to. As long as the two walls are at a right angle, there is no need for any adjustments or alterations or additional side panels as the enclosure simply slots right into the corner of your bathroom.

These enclosures are a great addition to any bathroom. They are both modern in appearance, classy and very practical. They are also great space savers, as the glass doors open inwards into the enclosure, giving you more space in your bathroom.

There are two types of sliding enclosures, curved, also known at quadrants, or corner entries, also known as square shower enclosures.

Quadrant Enclosures (Sliding Doors)

On the Quadrant Shower Enclosure the doors are basically two sliding doors that are curved to the front or entrance. These are great if you have a limited space in your bathroom, as they do not project out into the room. They generally come in three sizes, 800 mm x 800 mm, 900 mm x 900 mm & 1000 mm x 1000 mm.

Offset Quadrant Enclosures (Sliding Doors)

If you have a bigger space for your shower enclosure, maybe an Offset Quadrant Enclosure would be better.

Offset quadrants are also curved but they are not symmetrical like quadrants, one side is longer than the other, for example 1200 mm x 900 mm. Offset quadrants come in various sizes and must have an offset quadrant shower tray to match it.

Our Offset Quadrant Shower Trays come either left or right-handed so please make sure to pick the correct hand tray. If you are still unsure check out our blog about left or right hand trays.

Square Enclosures (Sliding Doors)

Square Shower Enclosures are also known as corner entry enclosures. These are fantastic shower enclosures if you have limited space, as generally, they come in smaller sizes, 760 mm x 760 mm up to 1000 mm x 1000 mm.

Even the smaller size, with its design, allows more space within the cubicle for a relaxing shower. In addition, like the quadrant, as long as you have two walls at a right angle, this space saving shower enclosure will just slot straight in with no need for alterations or the use of additional side panels.

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Ordering a shower door or enclosure can feel like a daunting process. We have listed below some of the things that need to be considered when buying a shower enclosure in respect to the "adjustment".

At Shower Enclosures Direct, we sell shower enclosures in various sizes.

If the space you have available falls short of the standard sizes we offer, using the "adjustment" on a shower enclosure will work for you.

On every size enclosure there is an adjustment usually of about 30mm but this differs with every manufacturer from as little as 15mm to 40mm. This means that the enclosure may be altered slightly to achieve the desired fit, in order to fit a smaller / larger space than the size of the enclosure.

But how is this possible you may ask?

There is space within the wall profile where you can align your door, either very close to the wall or further away. Usually, adjustment only reduces the size of the enclosure, thus, the largest size for adjustment is the actual measurement of the enclosure.

However, there are some exceptions. With one of our products we offer an adjustment of up to 5mm on a sliding door. All makes and manufacturers offer different adjustments. For example, another line that we carry gives an adjustment of between 720 & 740mm on a 760mm shower door.

Adjustment can be used if you have an uncommon space for your enclosure or if you have uneven walls, perhaps because you have an older property.

Generally, the cheaper products carry less adjustment. This is because the cheaper items use less raw materials such as thinner aluminium or the handles are finished with a sheen rather than polished chrome. When it comes to Shower Enclosures you really do get what you pay for.

So, the important points to take away with you are:

• Every enclosure carries an adjustment
• Adjustments can increase or decrease your enclosure size
• Adjustments can be used if you have uneven walls or an irregular space
• The cheaper the product the less adjustment provided
• The cheaper the product the poorer the quality

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Why buy our new 2 in 1 Children’s Toilet Seat?

Check out our brand new 2 in 1 Children’s toilet seat which is about to make your life a whole lot easier!! Made from polypropylene, this lightweight, durable toilet seat is the perfect addition to any bathroom that children use. It is easy to install and fits to standard UK toilets. It has a soft close feature on the lid and adult seat, so no more squashed little fingers! When the children’s seat is not in use, it attaches to the lid by a strong magnet. This is a quality toilet seat, which accommodates the whole family and makes the transition from potty training a whole lot easier, by being a safe, secure and comfortable seat. It also saves on storage space and is more hygienic – no more emptying potties!! It is easy to remove in order to clean and can be removed when no longer required.

Check out our Children's 2 in 1 Toilet Seat here



Revamp your guest bathroom in time for Christmas & impress your visitors with our great range!!

Here at Shower Enclosures Direct we want to ensure that you are getting a great quality bathroom at a great price that is purpose built to your family’s needs. We can help you re-decorate your bathroom in time for Christmas to really get you into the party season!

You can revamp your bathroom by making a few little changes, why not change your pedestal and basin for a vanity unit for example to give a clean uncluttered fresh look. There are lots of sizes available to suit any size bathroom.Perhaps you need to update your toilet and cistern to the modern white look. Accessorize with a smart looking towel rail and a modern mirror.



Choosing the correct shower tray is essential as it is the foundation for your shower enclosure, ensuring that it not only looks good, but will last a lifetime.

At Shower Enclosures Direct we sell 4 different types of shower tray; Square Shower Tray, Rectangle Shower Tray, Quadrant Shower Tray and Offset Quadrant Shower Tray.

The shower enclosure will be on the curved side of your tray and the waste will be in the opposite corner against the straight edge of the tray. The opening you choose will be dictated by where the straight edges of the tray are fitted in your space.

If you are still confused please call us on call at 01822 851 377 and our team will be happy to answer any queries you may have.

We have a large range of these shower trays in all different shapes and sizes to match your requirements.

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This is still one of the most common mistakes that people make when choosing a shower enclosure. Here is some advice to help you choose the correct handed shower enclosure.

Customers choose a left or right handed shower enclosure based on the layout of their bathroom and to maximise fully the size and space that the bathroom offers.

All glass shower enclosures / doors / screens and panels are universal which means they can be fitted left or right handed.

For example, a 1000 mm sliding shower door is a universal product, which can be opened on the left or right hand. Essentially a universal product can be rotated horizontally to be positioned for your own individual requirements. The same principle applies for all shower doors and enclosures.

When you consider it is only the shower tray which determines the positioning of a shower enclosure, selecting a shower enclosure for your space should be a simple process.

The only shower enclosure which is handed because of the shower tray is an offset quadrant shower enclosure.

The curved enclosure/tray is handed because of its shape which means you can only rotate the tray into two positions so therefore you will need to ensure you purchase the correct handing for your bathroom.

The rectangle, square and quadrant shower enclosure is universal so it can be rotated into the position required.

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Renovating or remodelling a bathroom can be costly. We recommend that you take the time to ensure that the size of your shower enclosure will fit into the required space.

Corner Shower Enclosures

This shower enclosure will fit into the corner of the bathroom. If you have a bathroom with a recessed wall (alcove) that you want to fit a showering cubicle into then you will need to buy just a shower door.

Sliding Shower Doors

A sliding shower door is the perfect option if you want to fully utilise the space you have in your bathroom.

A sliding shower door slides backwards on itself, therefore the door does not project into the room when you open and close the shower door. The space saving design of a sliding shower door not only allows you to make the most of your bathroom space but you also benefit from a generous entry width, with ease of access for all users.

Rectangle Shower Enclosure

The rectangle shaped shower enclosure has the benefit of providing a large space for washing and is suitable for the larger bathroom. Combine your shower door with a matching side end panel to create the dream shower enclosure of your choosing.

Quadrant Shower Enclosure

The benefits of a quadrant shower enclosure is its unique shape. The curved shaped corner shower enclosure allows even smaller sized bathrooms to benefit from a separate shower. The ergonomically space saving design takes up less space as the rolling / sliding doors do not project into your bathroom.

A typical size of the quadrant shower enclosure is 800mm x 800mm or 900mm x 900mm. The fixed sizing means that you get a standard sized enclosure, however the smaller size and curved shaped enclosure ensures you utilise the space more efficiently.

If you want a shower enclosure which is slightly larger, there is the option to purchase an offset quadrant shower enclosure. An offset quadrant shower enclosure is a curved corner shower where one side is larger than the other, for example a 1200 x 900mm quadrant. The important thing to consider when purchasing an offset quadrant shower enclosure is that you get the correct left or right handed entry for the shower enclosure you intend to fit.

Both the sliding and quadrant shower enclosures are available either framed or frameless and come in various specifications to suit not only your budget but also your own individual needs.

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Creating a successful bathroom layout, which meets your design aspirations and practical needs, is essential for any remodel or renovation of your bathroom. /p>

When designing your bathroom you need to think about your needs in the future, for example, changes in the circumstances of your family, whether that be having children or getting older. Don’t plan your bathroom around today's trends, think long term and how you will use your bathroom in 10 years.

Buying timeless designs and top quality will ensure your bathroom stays looking like new and will last a lifetime.

1: Bathroom Size vs Bathroom Design?

It is inevitable that your bathroom size will dictate the bathroom products that you can fit into the space you have. Whether you have a large or small bathroom you need to consider how you want to use the space effectively.

If your bathroom is lacking space and storage, the practical and space saving design of a wall hung toilet allows you to keep your bathroom clean and clutter free, creating a minimalist look.

If you require lots of storage in your bathroom you could benefit from a built in toilet and vanity unit. There are many styles of bathroom furniture to choose from.

If your bathroom size only allows you to include a bath, you must make the decision on what is more practical going forward. This could be replacing the bath for a large shower enclosure or installing a shower in your bath and purchasing a stylish glass shower screen.

If you have the luxury of creating a new bathroom, it is vital that you plan the space for your shower enclosure / door around the average dimensions that shower enclosures / doors come in.

Building an alcove area, which is not a standard size, for your new shower enclosure to fit into may result in having to invest in a custom made piece of glass. It's always worth remembering that shower enclosures can be adjusted to decrease in size (on average 30mm). This adjustment allows you to get a perfect fit for the space you have.

2: Bathroom Layout vs Type of Shower?

Your bathroom layout will dictate which style of shower enclosure will fit into your bathroom.

If you purchase a pivot or hinge shower door you will need to account for the projection of the shower door into the bathroom. If the shower door cannot open fully because it is been obstructed by the toilet, for example, it maybe worth opting for a bifold or sliding shower door.

Sliding and bifold shower doors are a perfect choice for a small bathroom too, as the shower door does not project into the room or back into your shower enclosure.

The quadrant shower enclosure is the most versatile for any bathroom, big or small. It has a small footprint but has a big space inside the shower enclosure that you need. The curved front also allows the feeling of more space, making your bathroom feel bigger.

3: 6mm vs 8mm Toughened Safety Shower Glass?

A frequently asked question is whether to choose 8mm v 6mm v 4mm glass on shower enclosures / doors and bath shower screens?

What thickness glass should you choose? Everyone is obsessed with size and why is it so important when it comes to your shower door?

All shower enclosures / doors sold in the UK have to pass stringent tests, are made with toughened safety glass and pass the British standards test. All glass should have the kite mark and BS number issued printed on it.

All glass shower screens are made from 4mm / 6mm / 8mm and even 10mm safety glass.

We believe at Shower Enclosures Direct that the thickness of glass is dependent on the type of shower enclosure you require. Some enclosures would not perform to their fullest potential and the lifespan of the product would decrease if the thickness and weight were too much.

If purchasing a shower enclosure with a thicker glass enclosure, you may need to consider will the rollers / pivots / hinges and screws be able to carry the additional weight with ease and have the mechanisms for the shower enclosure / door been built to withstand the additional weight for it not to affect the lifespan of the product?

For example, the overall weight of a 10mm bath screen would stop you from actually pulling / pushing the screen back and forth for use stopping the functionality required, meaning the rise and fall hinges would become redundant.

If you are purchasing a bifold shower then 6mm will be adequate / optimum for the style and functionality of the door. As the folding shower door works on a roller mechanism, the lightweight glass enables a smooth running / gliding motion.

If you purchase an 8mm thick bifold shower door it becomes immediately obvious that the additional weight of the glass makes the rollers heavy to use and ease of use is drastically reduced.

At Shower Enclosures Direct, we recommend the use of 8mm toughened safety glass in larger wet-room shower panels and walk-ins. The additional thickness in the glass is perfect for static panels creating a luxury high-end finish for your bathroom or en-suite.

Whether you purchase a 6mm or 8mm thick glass shower product, the same level of safety is guaranteed, as they are both made from toughened safety glass.

Toughened safety glass acts in the same manner regardless of thickness, the only question you may consider is the overall thickness and quality of a product. We do state that a 4mm quadrant may feel flimsy in comparison to a 6mm quadrant and the cheaper prices do reflect a budget range made to a budget standard.

4: Price / Budget vs Quality?

If you are renovating / remodelling your bathroom on a budget it is cheaper to purchase all of your bathroom products at the same time to save on delivery charges. Buying your bathroom products in a bundle package will also reduce costs.

It is also wise to consider the longevity of a product and how many times you are likely to use it. A luxury shower enclosure or door which is more expensive, but is guaranteed to last a lifetime, may be worth the extra expense initially, compared to buying a cheaper alternative which may need replacing more often.

5: Comfort vs Design?

The most important part of designing your bathroom is to ensure that you take accurate measurements of the space that you have. We advise to make a sketch of the shape and size of the room including where the existing waste pipes, electrical wiring, doors and windows are too.

This will allow accurate planning of where the shower, toilet and other bathroom furniture will be best located.

The Shower enclosure you purchase has to be practical and provide the space you require when taking a shower.

The quadrant shower enclosure is the most versatile for any bathroom, big or small. It has a small footprint but has a big space inside the shower enclosure that you need.

Sliding Shower Doors do not project into the room or back into your shower enclosure.

Hinge shower doors have a large entry into your shower as they open up fully to allow you the full entry width of the shower.

Pivot Shower Doors will require a bit of space to open the door as some of the door will swing inwards whilst the majority of the door will open outwards.

6. If You Don’t Know Then Ask!

Making sure that you have all the facts and information before buying your new shower enclosure is vital.

Asking some questions, such as: What are the pros and cons of the product? Can they recommend something else for your space that would work better? What are the guarantees on the seals / glass / etc?

Getting your professional installer to look at the products you are considering for your bathroom before purchasing them is also a good idea. Ask the questions: Will they work and can you (the installer) fit them? Do you (the installer) recommend a brand in particular?

This ensures that you have all the information necessary to make your dream bathroom a reality.

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Taking the plunge and going ahead with a brand new bathroom renovation can provide many challenges and can be costly, so avoid these common bathroom mistakes when it comes to designing your new bathroom.

To overcome any hurdles that may arise you need to research thoroughly, ask any questions before you start the renovation, ensure you have the correct bathroom furniture and fittings to ensure your dream design is achievable.

Take a look at our related blog for further tips when renovating your bathroom > Top Tips When Renovating A Bathroom.

Fitting A Shower Door Or Shower Enclosure

Shower Enclosures are straightforward to install on the premise that the instructions provided are followed. This is due to every shower enclosure and shower door being made and designed to fit slightly different in relation to manufacture.

A common pitfall upon installation is that the shower enclosure or shower door purchased will not fit into the space. It may sound obvious, but when purchasing a shower enclosure ensure that the dimensions you have taken will allow the full width of the enclosure to fit.

Try to stick to a width which is roughly around the nearest 100mm. You can take into consideration that most shower enclosures and other glass doors / panels have an adjustment, which allows the glass to reduce by 30mm by concealing it further into the wall.

If you have an odd sized space to fit your shower door or shower enclosure, then your builder may be required to cut a channel into the wall to slot the shower into; alternatively you will need to get a custom glass panel cut bespoke for your bathroom.

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Burying A Shower Tray

Burying a shower tray is a common phrase that is used when a plumber / installer have tiled (either thick tiles or excessive amount of adhesive) on top of the tray and as a result, the enclosure / door will not fit.

Fitters like to either fit a shower tray against the wall and then tile on top or to fit a shower tray on top of the tiles, being easier to replace in the future.

If you are purchasing thick tiles ensure that you take their size into account, along with the adhesive which will be used, in the overall width. This can be accounted for within the adjustment range of the shower enclosure or door.

If you have buried your tray too far then you have two possible resolutions. You can either remove the tray and tile behind it or replace the shower enclosure (more than likely the width will be slightly out of reach for any standard sized shower enclosure).

For more information, you can read our blog > How To Install A Stone Resin Shower Tray.

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Silicone Covers A Multitude of Sins

The recommendation is to never silicone the inside of your shower enclosure or door.

When silicone is used in the interior of any shower enclosure you will eventually end up having a leak. The water from your shower needs to run through the aluminium wall profiles, as the external of your shower cubicle will be sealed, the water will then run freely back into the shower tray and drain away. By sealing the shower enclosure internally, the water will be forced to find a way to exit and eventually cause a leak.

Use silicone sparingly; silicone is used to create a water tight finish for your shower enclosure. Please avoid caking on the silicone to achieve a fitted finish. Your shower product should be fitted to a perfect finish before any silicone gun is picked up.

Cutting Shower Seals

The seals provided with your shower enclosure / door are already made to fit and there should be no need for these to be cut. The most common leak that occurs in shower enclosures happens when the seals are altered or amended in some way.

Handle With Care

What is toughened safety glass? Read our blog for further information on toughened safety glass.

Any glass product is fragile goods and should be at all times handled with care. Although every shower product is made from toughened safety glass this does not mean that they are indestructible (a common misconception).

A shower enclosure / door is most vulnerable on installation. If the edge of the glass is struck / banged too hard it can cause the glass to shatter upon impact. Having a spare set of hands to help whilst installing the shower door to ensure that the edges / corners of the glass are protected at all times would be a huge benefit.

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Design and Use

You will need to consider and plan how your products will fit and look in your bathroom space.

For example, if you have a small bathroom and you purchase a pivot shower door, can you afford for the shower door to project into the room and will it come into contact with anything else? The same philosophy applies for bath screens; when opened will it hit a basin tap?

Although you may have grand designs for your bathroom space you may have to face the realisation of the space you have to work with. For example, a general guide for space around a toilet is 600mm wide. You need to consider each product, how it will affect the general use of your space in your bathroom on a daily basis.

Plan For The Future

When designing your bathroom you need to think about your needs in the future, for example, changes in the circumstances of your family, whether that be having children or getting older! Don’t plan your bathroom around today's trends. Think long term and how you will use your bathroom in 10 years.

Buying timeless designs and top quality will ensure your bathroom stays looking like new and will last a lifetime.

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At Shower Enclosures Direct we only stock and sell British made stone resin shower trays which come with a lifetime guarantee.

The stone resin shower trays that we supply, are completely solid in structure, however they weigh 50% lighter than conventional stone resin shower trays on the market.

• Read our blog on why we only sell stone resin shower trays Acrylic v Stone Resin Trays.

If you are choosing to install your new shower tray direct to the floor then our helpful step-by-step guide makes your installation a simple and easier process. Purchasing the correct shower tray for your new shower enclosure is essential as it provides the base for any successful installation.

Stone Resin Shower Tray Installation On Timber Flooring

Make sure the floorboards you are fitting your shower tray to are securely fixed. If this is not possible, use 18/20, thick green grade chipboard, cut to the size of the tray and fix into place. Check that any loose floorboards / chipboard that you will be securing into place have no pipes or electrical connections beneath the floor level.

It is recommended that you pre-fit your shower tray to ensure that the radius edge (curved edge of the tray) will fit behind / below the tile face to ensure a watertight seal.

Once you have positioned the shower tray into the desired location, mark the waste opening. Remove the shower tray and check below the floor level to ensure that there is adequate access for the waste and pipe work. If there is any obstructions for the waste to be positioned then drill a hole and make provisions in the floor for a sufficient diameter to allow the entire waste to fall below the floor level and run freely.

Use a clear waterproofing agent to seal the installation area. Fit the waste and trap to the shower tray. We do recommend that you use a silicone sealant around the waste to provide a watertight seal.

Before fitting the shower tray into position, you will need to ensure that the entire base of the tray is going to be fully supported. To provide this support for the shower tray it will need a base of 5mm (minimum) of a thick sand and cement mixture. The minimum 5mm thickness is at the lowest point of the tray.

Once you have made the base of cement ensure that the top of the tray is levelled. Please be aware that the base of the shower tray has a built-in fall to allow for drainage meaning it will lower around the waste hole.

We advise that all the tray to wall joints are now sealed with a bead of silicone sealant. Once this has been done then the wall call be tiled. Once the tiles are fitted apply the final bead of silicone sealant between the tray and the tile. The shower enclosure / door can now be fitted.

Stone Resin Shower Tray Installation On Stone Flooring

If you chose to fit the shower tray onto a solid floor this could prove difficult to run the waste assembly freely under the floor. We recommend the use of a leg riser kit.

A leg riser kit is designed to be fitted directly into the screw retention underside of the stone resin shower tray and allows you to elevate your tray, ensuring ease of access when plumbing in the shower waste. Our leg riser kit allows you to elevate your shower tray by 100mm and the removable plinth grants ease of access to the waste and plumbing.

Fitting A Shower Tray Behind Bathroom Tiles

If you are fitting your shower tray behind bathroom tiles, ensure that the overall width of the tile and grout / sealant will not out-measure the adjustment within the shower door / enclosure.

Shower doors and enclosures have an adjustment range within the wall profiles / channels meaning that they can always reduce in size, allowing you to get a perfect fit.

However if your installer has fitted a thick bathroom tile and used a lot of adhesive it can sometimes eat up all of your adjustment and you will find that the shower door / enclosure will no longer fit onto the shower tray.

Consider the adjustment range provided within the door and ensure that after installing the tiles you still have adequate clearance to fit the shower door. On average, an adjustment is 15mm per wall profile. If you choose a thick bathroom tile, you may require fitting your shower tray on top of the tiles.

Mortar Mixture For A Stone Resin Shower Tray

It is advised that the mixture of the sand and cement is 5:1 and the mixture will be of a dry consistency. Mix 1 part ordinary cement to 5 parts soft sand together until they take a uniform colour. Add water gradually into the mixture to achieve a flexible consistency; it must not be runny.

We have a large range of these shower trays in all different shapes and sizes to match your requirements.

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