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There are many different types of shower doors on the market; sliding, pivot, hinge, bi-fold, but which one is the right fit for you? Today we are going to look at bi-folds and what makes them a great addition to your bathroom.Read More
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Did you know that on average a person flushes their toilet a staggering 140,000 times in their lifetime? So it is important to chose the right toilet to fit your needs – but there are so many! Well, we’ve synopsised each type of toilet to give you an idea of which one suits you best.Read More

Choosing the correct shower tray is essential as it is the foundation for your shower enclosure, ensuring that it not only looks good, but will last a lifetime.

1. What Material Is Used?

Pearlstone shower trays are made from a mixture of minerals and resins, including volcanic ash. Acrylic is made of acrylic. Pearlstone shower trays are made from patented technology making them both the lightest and the toughest shower trays on the market.

2. What Is The Expected Life Span?

Pearlstone trays are a reliable, long lasting option when compared with their acrylic counterparts. They also come with a lifetime guarantee.

3. What Is The Strength/Endurance?

Pearlstone trays are much more durable and do not bow or misshape. Acrylic shower trays are known to be more flexible than stone resin, but with flexibility comes breaks or cracks. The Pearlstone tray is really the best option, will not need repairing and will stand the test of time.

4. Is The Installation Difficult?

Pearlstone trays are 50% lighter than acrylic, making them a lot easier to install. The Pearlstone tray’s slimline design means it can be fitted inset into the floor creating a wet room, flush to the floor as standard, or raised above the floor with the easy plumb fitting kit.

5. How Do They Look?

Our Pearlstone trays are coated with 3mm acrylic to give a smooth and robust finish. Thus, both types of tray look similar in appearance; clean and sleek, but because of the material used, the pearlstone tray tends to be more comfortable to stand on.

6. What Sizes Are They Available In?

Both trays types are available in various sizes from 760mm x 760 mm to 1700mm x 800mm. They are both available in various shapes, such as, square, rectangle, quadrant and offset quadrant.

7. Where Are They Manufactured?

All of our shower trays are manufactured in the United Kingdom. Meaning the shower trays are designed for the UK market and also support the local economy!

8. Are they Expensive?

Although pearlstone trays are more expensive than acrylic trays, it does work out cheaper in the long run. With the lifetime guarantee, that comes with the pearlstone tray, you will only need to buy one tray whereas you may need to replace your acrylic tray more often. Plus our prices at Shower Enclosures Direct will ensure you save money too!

We have a large range of these shower trays in all different shapes and sizes to match your requirements.

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Are you bored of your dank, cluttered and tired bathroom? Your not alone – thousands of us feel like we are stuck in a rut but for financial or renting reasons feel like we can’t make the change – don’t worry we are here to help!

A bathroom should be a relaxed place, depending on your situation it might be the only room in the house where you get the chance to be alone - even if it is just for a couple of treasured minutes. We have complied a list of changes that you can make without investing too much of your hard earned cash;

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Here at Shower Enclosures Direct, customer service is very important to us. We pride ourselves on supplying high quality goods for great value while providing excellent customer service. We continue to work hard to ensure that our customers have a great experience while shopping with us; from browsing online, phoning with queries, delivery & installation of our products.Read More

So, you have made the big decision to revamp your old bathroom but now there are a few other decisions that you need to make, such as what type of shower enclosure you should select - and the choices are endless!

There are many different types and styles of shower doors such as corner entries, quadrant, offset quadrant and sliding doors. So why should you choose a sliding door? Well, we have done all the research so you don’t have to!

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To all my staff at Shower Enclosures Direct and our customers;

Dear All,

It’s one of those afternoons when there is lots to be done but as usual I’m having to wait for deliveries, emails, quotes and so on. So as I have a bit of spare time I thought that I would have another proper look at my website -Read More

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