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It’s coming to the start of the summer season but have you done your bathroom spring clean yet!? Is your shower enclosure covered in a gross combination of hard water, soap scum and mildew? Sounds like you need some help from our experts! We have put together a guide to help you banish watermarks and mould so that all that’s left is your dazzling, streak free glass!Read More
Your en suite bathroom is usually the smallest room in the house but it is one of the most frequented and needs to be functional. Your en suite is a place where you prepare for the busy day ahead and relax and unwind in time for a relaxing sleep. Here is the essential guide to planning your perfect en suite.Read More
We are getting closer to the summer season. Are you petrified about inviting your guests around for a Barbeque because you feel your bathroom isn’t presentable? Maybe your bathroom just doesn’t feel like you anymore. Not to worry, we have come up with some top tips to get your guest bathroom looking ship shape!Read More
Deciding on having a traditional bathroom is one thing but actually sticking to this theme can be difficult. Many people get side tracked by all that is available and eventually end up with a mix of styles varying from contemporary to eclectic to traditional. We are here to help you follow through your dream of a traditional bathroom.Read More
Bathroom furniture is a great addition to any bathroom, not only does it organise your bathroom and look great, it is also easy to install and is available in a whole host of sizes to match any special requirements. Almost everyone thinking about installing a vanity unity in their bathroom will debate what material is most suitable to their project.Read More
Baths are most commonly made of steel or acrylic materials - but which one should you choose?Read More
Shower Enclosures generally come with thickness of 4, 6, 8 or 10m. 4mm being budget, 6mm, standard and 8 & 10mm being on the more luxurious end. For a family bathroom that children has access to, you should invest in 6mm or more as 4mm may feel a little flimsy.Read More
For us bathroom furniture is a bit of a must. Its practical as it hides all your essentials that you don’t want to show, it helps you be a more organised person! Don’t worry about it taking up space either, vanity units sit underneath your sink so they don't take up any additional space. Apart from being a great practical solution they are also very stylish and on trend with 2016 style guides. Bathroom furniture is aesthetically pleasing and it gives you a chance to personalise your space and show off your interior design skills.Read More
If you are lucky enough to have a bath but you don’t have space for a separate shower cubicle then you will need to make sure that your bath is suitable for showering by having a bath screen. Bath screens sit on your bath and act as a splash guard when you are showering. Bath screens can move 180 degrees and come with bottom seals to make sure that they are completely waterproof. They are a great alternative to a shower curtain as they are much more hygienic, easier to clean AND you don’t have to worry about the dreaded mildew! They also work out cheaper in the long run as they carry a lifetime guarantee – think of all the curtains you could have replaced in that time frame! There are so many different types of bath screens out there, so which one is the right fit for you?Read More

Perhaps you have a tight space in your main bathroom or you need ideas for your down stairs loo or ensuite. What is the best way to maximise the space you have, ensuring that your room looks great but is fully functioning?

Read More
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