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How To: Install A Bath Screen

20 Jun 2016 11:40:52

If you don’t have the space in your bathroom for a separate shower enclosure then choose the next best thing; a bath screen. A bath screen will allow you to utilise your bathing space, providing you with plenty of space for both showering AND bath time.

Before you choose your bath screen ensure that you have adequate space and select a bath screen based on your needs. To help you decide on a bath screen, have a look at our blog “Which Is The Best Bath Screen For Your Bath?”

How To: Fit A Bath Screen

• Use the wall channel profile to measure and mark out your shower screen position; use a pencil to mark the drill holes.

• Drill the holes into the pencil marks.

• Please the wall channel onto the wall and secure with screws into the spaces created.

• Insert the side pillar into the wall channel/profile.

• Adjust the bath screen until it is level with the bath.

• Once the screen is positioned correctly, mark the wall channel 100mm from the top to help show where you will need to screw the screen into.

• Drill a hole into the wall channel and side panel until it reaches the centre at the top of the shower screen. Do not drill through both sides.

• Use provided screws to fit the drilled hole at the top of the shower screen.

• Repeat this action, but now position the bottom part of the shower screen into position 100mm from the bottom and carry out the same steps to fit the bottom part of the shower screen.

• Mark the centre of the profile, equal distance from the top and bottom to complete the fit of the shower screen.

• Place cover caps to conceal the screws.

• Attach the seal to the bottom of the bath screen for a water tight seal.

We, at Shower Enclosures Direct, recommended that you finish your installation with a bead of silicone on the outside of the shower screen. Have a look at some of our most popular bath screens below, or check out our full range here

For a convenient showering experience, a walk-in shower enclosure would appear to be the best option for modern day living with a luxury designer style in your bathroom. Walk ins have become increasingly popular in the last 10 years, as they have become the ultimate choice in both practical and stylish showering.

1. Easy Installation

Unlike wet rooms, walk in shower enclosures are easy to install due to them being fitted directly onto a shower tray. Unlike wet-rooms, your walk-in shower does not require your bathroom floor to be tanked with multiple layers of sealed matting to stop water seeping out and creating a leak. With an ultra slimline shower tray, which can be, fitted flush with your bathroom floor tiles you can create a wet-room style shower without the impracticality and additional costs associated.

2. Low Maintenance

Walk-in showers offer excellent value for money as a product that requires very little maintenance. The minimalist shower is designed to utilise its practical purpose and shows true ingenuity of purpose over design. The simplest of designs are sometimes the best, with a walk-in shower you do not have to be concerned with consumable parts such as seals/ door handles/ rollers which may require replacements in time. The walk-in shower enclosure requires very little maintenance; a simple warm soap water solution to clean the glass and tray will be all that is required to keep it looking as great as the day you purchased it.

3. Easy Access

Walk ins allow plenty of space to get in and out with ease. Walk Ins are very suitable for persons who would normally have difficulty getting in or out of a bath or shower enclosure. Fitted on top of a 25mm or 40mm slimline tray makes our walk ins the ideal solution to mobility problems.

4. Life Time Guarantee

When shopping for a brand new shower enclosure you may look at the guarantees given with the product you select. It is a great idea to buy guaranteed products; it not only makes you feel assured that you are buying a quality product but also shows that the product is made to a high standard that the manufactures will stand by.

Our range of walk-in shower enclosures benefit from lifetime guarantees. We recommend looking at a shower enclosure designed to match your criteria. If you are renovating a property for sale than a shower door will suffice but if you are looking to remodel the family bathroom that you will continue to use for years to come, then think about the practical use of the enclosure of daily use. If you plan to live in your home in your elderly age and need a bathroom designed to grow with you then the walk-in would be the most appropriate shower enclosure for you. The walk-in shower looks stylish and it's ease of use with lifetime guarantees and minimal maintenance means it is the perfect shower enclosure designed to last.

5. Stylish

The walk-in shower is not only the practical choice it looks amazing too. Shown on the pages of many interior magazines the walk-in shower is becoming the popular stylish choice for 21st century living. Walk-in showers come in a variety of sizes which you can select for the appropriate use of your space this also allows for smaller bathroom to still cater for a bath and separate showering facility.

Our range of walk-in showers benefit from a high quality 10mm toughened safety glass which provide that extra luxury style but also feature a innovative stone resin 25mm slimline shower tray which can be fitted to be flush with your bathroom floor. This range also features easy clean treated glass like the Aquaspa range which is added onto the glass in manufacturing, easy clean treatment is acts as a clear blanket over the glass to reduce calcium and limescale build up ensuring your shower sparkles just like the day your purchased it.

Posted in Design Guide By Katie Norris

The cloakroom bathroom is usually the smallest space in your home, tucked away under the stairs or stealing some space from other rooms – but don’t over look it. You can still have a functioning space that is stylish while still providing space for all your cleaning products, cosmetics and towels.

Plan your space, get out your measuring tape and get planning. Every millimetre counts in such a small space, more so than any other room in your home. Don’t forget to account for door openings and ventilation if you don’t have a window.

Every cloakroom bathroom needs a toilet and a sink. But, just because they are a necessity doesn’t mean that you have to settle for the most basic designs. There are many options for sinks. Compact units are a great solution to a narrow space. Consider wall hung basin units. Leaving open space on your floor will create an illusion of space and it makes it easier to clean.

Keep your walls light and bright. Be colourful on one wall if you desire but generally keep it neutral. Stick with white sanitary ware too, trust us – white will give an illusion of space and will stay modern and fresh looking. To further add the illusion of space add a mirror over your basin, these are available with LED optical lights and mirrored cabinets behind to create some storage space.

Every room in your house should offer some amount of storage even your cloakroom bathroom. Think about displaying your towels and pretty knick knacks on wall shelves and hiding the rest in a vanity unit. Vanity units don’t really take up any extra space as they are only as wide as the sink resting on top. There is a whole range of vanity unit.vanity units for you to consider, ranging from larger units, 950mm wide to smaller units as little as 450mm. The vanity units that we offer at Shower Enclosures Direct come in a variety of shapes too, we even offer a compact corner unit to maximise the space you have to play with.

If you have some space left over, why not think about a tall boy unit? These units are tall and narrow and can be sat into a corner, maximising your storage but not impeding on your precious space!

Posted in Design Guide By Katie Norris
Just how important is the thickness of your glass shower enclosure? Shower doors are available in various sizes; 4, 5, 6, 8 & 10mm. Regardless of what you decide, your shower enclosure should be manufactured with toughened glass. This is a heat treatment and it is a British safety standard. Toughened safety glass ensures that in the unlikely event of your shower door breaking it will shatter into tiny pieces rather than shards. This will avoid any nasty accidents or injuries.Read More
Posted in Bathrooms & Showers By Katie Norris
Bath screens are an extremely important feature in any bathroom. If you have a smaller bathroom and do not have the luxury of a separate shower cubicle and bath, then a shower screen is a must have. A shower screen gives the illusion that you have a spacious shower enclosure while still keeping water splashes contained in your bath. We have set out our top tips to help you decide which bath screen is for you.Read More
Posted in Bathrooms & Showers By Katie Norris

Bath Screen Or Shower Curtain

13 Jun 2016 15:27:17

The age old question… Why choose a bath screen over a shower curtain? Perhaps you are unsure of which is the better option, then have a read of our blog.Read More
Posted in Bathrooms & Showers By Katie Norris

Why Choose A Hinged Shower Door?

3 Jun 2016 16:02:21

There are so many different types of shower doors to choose from – so which one is the best fit for your bathroom? Each day we are analysing a different style of door, today we are talking about hinged shower doors, but if you wish to read more about quadrant, sliding shower doors, bifolds or pivot doors see our other blogs hereRead More
Posted in Bathrooms & Showers By Katie Norris
Humidity can be a major problem in bathrooms as with showering or bathing comes steam, creating mildew and damp. It can even damage your walls and paint work, leading to bigger headaches down the line. So, what can you do to stop this problem. We suggest: COLD SHOWERS! Don’t worry, we have set out some other tips which might be useful.Read More
Posted in Bathrooms & Showers By Katie Norris
So, you have made the decision to redecorate your bathroom, or perhaps you just wish to update your shower enclosure for a more modern look and you have realised just how much choice is available! Confused – don’t be, here at Shower Enclosures Direct we are looking at every type of shower door so we can help you make the right decision. Today we are looking at pivot shower doors but you can read all about quadrants, sliding shower doors and bifold doors in our previous blogs.Read More
Posted in Bathrooms & Showers By Katie Norris

Which Bath Should I Choose?

1 Jun 2016 11:59:26

Baths are a great addition to any home, they allow you to relax, have a soak and forget your worries. Apart from being therapeutic, they are also a necessity if you have smaller children. Baths are so important that they can even effect the value of your home.Read More
Posted in Bathrooms & Showers By Katie Norris
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