Bath screens are an extremely important feature in any bathroom. If you have a smaller bathroom and do not have the luxury of a separate shower cubicle and bath, then a shower screen is a must have. A shower screen gives the illusion that you have a spacious shower enclosure while still keeping water splashes contained in your bath. We have set out our top tips to help you decide which bath screen is for you.

Think about the space that is available to you. Will your bath screen be next to your sink or doorway and perhaps get in your way when not in use? Ensure that you buy a shower screen that has a 180 degree swing. Or if that isn’t suitable then consider a four folding screen, which can be folded like concertina when not in use.

The shape of your bath may also dictate which style bath screen you choose. Apart from regular shaped bath screens, there are also curved ones to accommodate any needs. These are available in P, B or L shapes to fit both curved and square baths.

Your bath screen can also be used as an additional storage space. By choosing one with a towel rail or shelves you can maximise the space available to you.

Think about your overall design theme. Bath screens are no longer a generic looking necessity in your bathroom. There are many different shapes and styles to compliment every style. We offer a wide range of screens that can either blend in with your bathroom layout or completely set it off. For example a bath screen that is curved at the top, such as the foil, fits in great with traditional or classical room while a more obscure shape, such as the arc will highlight the angles in a contemporary bathroom.