Baths are a great addition to any home, they allow you to relax, have a soak and forget your worries. Apart from being therapeutic, they are also a necessity if you have smaller children. Baths are so important that they can even effect the value of your home.

So, are you lucky enough to have space to fit a bath in your home? There are many different types of baths available to suit all shapes and sized bathrooms, so don’t worry, here at Shower Enclosures Direct we have something for everyone!!

What Is A Single Ended Bath?

As the name suggests, single ended baths are baths that have a curve on one side and a waste positioned on the opposite side. Single ended baths are a great option if you are looking for a compact bath as they come in smaller sizes of 1500 x 700mm, 1600 x 700mm and bigger sizes 1700 x 700mm, 1800 x 700mm and 1850 x 700mm. Single baths come in various styles including roll top and freestanding.

What Is A Double Ended Bath?

Double ended baths are baths that have a curved edge on either side of the bath and a waste which is positioned in the centre. Double ended baths are also available in a choice of sizes, from 1700 x 700 mm and 1800 x 700mm. Double ended baths are also available in roll top and freestanding.

What Is A Shower Bath?

Shower baths are a great option if you are going to have your shower within you bath. They are available in a P or B shape or an L shape.

P or B shaped baths are a great option if you wish to have a larger area for showering but do not have the space for a separate shower enclosure or a large bath. A P or B shaped bath is bath that has a large curved space at one end and is a regular shaped at the other end. They come in both 1500 x 700mm and 1700 x 700mm sizes. There are specific bath screens available for these shaped baths.

L-Shaped Baths have a similar purpose as P or B shaped baths but they instead of being curved they are angled so the showering area is a square shape and the rest of the bathing area is a rectangle shape. L shaped baths come in 1500 x 850mm and 1700 x 850mm.

What Is A Corner Bath?

A corner bath is a luxurious bath that fits into the corner of your bathroom, allowing you a large space for bathing. Both side of the bath are of equal lengths. Have a look at our beautiful 1200 x 1200mm corner bath.

What Is A Roll Top Bath?

A roll top bath is a freestanding bath with edges which curve at the top. The round edges make it more comfortable allowing you to really enjoy your bathing time. A roll top bath is elevated form the ground using feet. This is to ensure that under the bath is dry, preventing rot or dampness. Roll top baths are typically oblong in shape.