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What to Look Out For When Buying Your New Shower


When you are in the process of purchasing your new shower enclosure you need to ensure that it is exactly what you want in terms of quality and aesthetic.  Making the wrong decisions may be an expensive thing if you end up refitting in only a short space of time.   So what sort of things should you be looking out for when you are in the process of purchasing your new enclosure? Well let’s go through the most important things that you need to check right now.


Rollers and Hinges

The rollers or hinges used on shower doors are a very important feature that needs to be checked before the purchase of the product because of the materials that can be used to make them. Some sellers provide better prices for the public by using in-expensive plastic materials to make the rollers and hinges but this is not what you want for your new shower. Take our Aquaspa range for instance, all of these products come supplied with strong metal twin rollers and hinges making them a longer lasting option compared to plastic hinges and rollers which are not designed to be a long lasting butare cheaper to manufacture, so will require replacing on a regular basis.



Glass Quality

The quality of the glass is another important feature that needs to be considered but perhaps not for the reasons you would think.   A large quantity of people think that the only important feature of the glass is its thickness, which yes is an important thing to know before purchasing but you also need to ensure a number of other things such as whether or not the glass is of British standard BS7570, safety glass or if it has been pre-treated with easy clean treatment. For examples of these features take a look at our sliding shower door range, all of which include a minimum of 6mm toughened safety glass, meaning the glass is designed to withstand any direct impacts which believe me we tried with a hammer and couldn’t even make a scratch! They are also pre-treated with easy clean glass treatment meaning that you can easily clean any marks or dirt off of your shower enclosure hassle free.





The Frame

The strength of your frame is also an important factor to consider as if you opt for an enclosure with more in-expensive materials then it can seriously affect both the strength and aesthetics of your new shower enclosure. With some cheaper built enclosures you need only push the wall profile slightly and make a dent in the item which on chrome enclosures especially can be highly noticeable. The quality of the chromium frame is also a consideration as this gives the shower enclosure its strength. 



Door Handles

Some showers come with a simple knob handle which can give the look of a cheaper finish, our Aquaspa range have bar handles which are more durable and easier to use and also gives a high quality appearance.