Looking for the right bath tub for you can be a very timely process and needs to be done right, after all you will have to look at and use this bath tub virtually every day for a very long period of time as a bath tub isn’t something that you will be replacing on a regular basis, so that’s why it’s vital to find one that is the perfect match for both you and your bathroom. When choosing your bath tub there are various different things that need to be considered and we are going to cover them all in this article so you will know just where to start.


First steps

So the first thing that you will need to consider, before you start looking for your bathtub, is the space that you have available to you. This is a very important factor to consider as if you purchase a bathtub that is too big then obviously it will not fit and if you purchase too small a bathtub then it might stick out like a sore thumb in your bathroom. You also need to consider the shape that you want your bathtub to be which again would depend on the amount of space you have in your bathroom. For more details about some of the shapes check out our blog all about it by clicking here.

Once you have worked out how much space you have available to you in your bathroom you need to set yourself a budget of how much you are wanting to invest in your bath tub. The prices will often vary significantly depending on the size of the bathtub and also what material’s it is made from, for instance if you went for a larger bath then your budget will need to be a bit higher where as if you were looking for a smaller bath then you could be looking at a much cheaper option. With this in mind you may want to have a look around at what the different styles and different materials cost so that you will have a better idea of what sort of baths will be in your price range.


How do you want to use your bath?

Before you start getting carried away with the aesthetics of your bathtub, it may be worth considering the practicality of the bathtub in your household. For instance if you like to use your bath tub to relax and stretch out when you come home then you may want to consider a larger bath such as one of our corner baths, or if you take regular baths and just want to enjoy a nice long relaxing soak in comfort then you may be more interested in a more luxurious class of bath such as our free standing, roll top baths.

Other practical uses for bath tubs that you may want to look for include such things as shower facilities, this may be required if you want the choice of either a shower or a bath but can’t fit both in your bathroom or even if you just tend to use a shower more often but still want the option of having an occasional relaxing bath.

Other considerations

So besides comfort, shape and price what else do you need to consider when looking for your bathtub? Well one quite important feature to consider is the weight of the product, obviously if you are purchasing a bath tub that you know will be made from a heavy material then you will need to ensure that the area you are going to position your bath tub cam sustain the weight. You will also need to consider the additional weight when using the bath such as the water used to fill the bath and also the weight of the person using the bath.

Another important thing that you will also need to know is if the current location of your drainage system is suitable for the bath tub that you want to purchase, as if not it could cost a considerable amount more to relocate your drainage if at all possible. Other things like this that you may not have thought about includes allowing space to open your bathroom door and the amount of space you will have left in your bathroom once you have installed your new tub.

One thing that definitely needs to be kept in mind is the type of water system that you have installed in your household, this is important because if you are thinking of buying a larger bath tub then you will need to know if your water system is capable of sufficiently providing warm/hot water to fill the large bath tub.



So to conclude we have gone over all of the important considerations that need to be done before you finally purchase so hopefully this would have helped you with decision process. You also need to remember that your new bath tub will be an investment that you will have to live with for a long time so make sure you follow all of these considerations so that you get the right bathtub for you.