The Quadrant Shower Enclosure is an elegant and spacious design for your new bathroom. To help you install your brand new Quadrant Shower Enclosure we have listed below all of the basic steps required to fit it.

Making The Tray Level

The first, and possibly most crucial step of installing your new shower enclosure is to ensure that the quadrant shower tray you are using is level. If you try to install your new shower enclosure on a tray that is not level then it can make it much more difficult to fit against your wall smoothly, resulting in it looking out of alignment and ruining the look of your new shower enclosure.

Building The Frame

Once you have ensured that your tray is perfectly level you can then start to construct the main frame for your shower enclosure.

You will require 2 straight panels which, depending on the make, will come attached to 2 metal profiles. These 2 pieces will need to be attached to the bottom-curved bar of your shower enclosure.

This is done by placing your pieces of straight glass (one on either end) flush against the top of your curved bar. There should be a certain amount of overhang from the metal profile attached to your straight piece of glass which you will use to connect to the end of your curved bar by using screws to join the 2 together. You will then need to repeat this procedure with the second curved bar which will sit at the top of your frame.

Attaching The Frame To The Wall

The next stage is to attach the frame to the wall. To do this you will need to slot your wall profiles over the metal profile of your straight glass panel. Your shower enclosure can then be positioned on the walls in your bathroom to wherever you want it to sit on your tray.

Once positioned you should use a pencil to mark where the holes need to be drilled on your wall to join the shower enclosure tightly to the wall (holes come pre-drilled on the wall profiles).

Once you have marked out all of the holes that need to be drilled you should then move the shower enclosure away so that you can drill the holes. After the holes have been drilled in your walls you can then place the wall plugs into the holes, place the enclosure back in the required location and then screw the wall profiles to the wall.

Joining The Rest of The Frame

Now you have your wall profiles joined firmly to your walls and the rest of the frame slotted inside the wall profiles, the next step is to firmly secure the wall profile to the rest of the frame.

This is done in a similar way in which they were joined to the walls, by drilling a hole through both the wall profile and the profile attached to your straight piece of glass. Once this is done you can then use the screws provided to firmly attach the two together.

Attaching The Doors

Now that you have your frame tightly fastened into place you can add the doors. First attach the rollers to your door, ensuring that the rollers you use at the top of the doors are fixed and the bottom rollers are quick release. Once all 8 rollers have been attached to your 2 quadrant doors (4 rollers per door) you then need to ensure that all seals are attached to the doors and on the inside edges of the two fixed straight panels.

Finally you need to attach the chrome shower doorknobs to the doors and to fit the doors to the enclosure. These two steps can be done in either order so it is up to you which step you complete first.

To attach the doors simply insert the top rollers into the top curved bar of your shower enclosure which should then hold your door in place, while you sort the bottom rollers. These need to be done slightly differently, as they are quick release rollers, so you will need to gently push down on both rollers which will push the wheels down so that you can insert them into the rail of the bottom curved bar.

Once your doors have been attached you can simply screw your chrome shower doorknobs into the pre-drilled holes to allow you to open and close the doors.

Add The Finishing Touches

Now that your new quadrant shower enclosure has been fitted all that's left is the finishing touches.

Add the chrome cover caps which are provided with the enclosure and then use sealant to seal your shower and prevent any leaks from occurring, making sure it is dry before use.

All done! Enjoy using your Quadrant Shower Enclosure for years to come.

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