If you don't have the room for a separate shower enclosure a over the bath shower is the next best thing to installing a shower into your bathroom. Installing a bath screen can allow you to create the best  practical uses out of your bathroom aiding a space for showering without compromising on space for your bath. Showers have become increasingly popular with our fast passed lifestyles allowing us to clean quickly and get on the move.  Before you select you shower screen be conscious of your space and select the best shower screen for your own individual needs (see our blog on this here).

How to fit a shower screen.

A bath screen which uses a rise and fall hinge allows you to move the screen when not in use or have the screen in position to protect your bathroom from water damage as it creates a water resistant barrier. The classic bath screen benefits from 6mm toughened safety glass and rubber seal which runs the length of the bottom of the screen to ensure a water tight seal. The classic shower screen is universalize meaning it can open left or right handed and has a 25mm adjustment meaning you can get a tailored fit for your bathroom.
  1. Use the wall channel profile into measure and mark out your shower screen position, use a pencil to mark the drill holes.
  2.  Drill the wall channel into the determined positioning onto the bathroom wall.
  3. Insert the sidepillar into the wall channel.
  4. Adjust the bath screen till it is level with the bath.
  5. Once the screen is positioned into the correctly mark the wall channel 100mm from the top to help show where you will need to screw the screen into.
  6. Drill a hole into the wall channel and side panel until it reaches the center at the top of the shower screen.  Do not drill through both sides.
  7. Use provided screw to fit the drilled hole and top of the shower screen.
  8. Repeat step 5 but now position the bottom part of the shower screen into position 100mm from the bottom and carry out the same steps to fit the bottom part of the shower screen.
  9. Mark the center of the profile, equal distance from the top and bottom to complete the fit of the shower screen.
  10. Place cover caps to conceal the screws.
  11. Attach the seal to the bottom of the bath screen for a water tight seal.
It is recommended that you finish your installation with a bead of silicone on the outside of the shower screen. For a full set of instruction on how to fit a shower screen please see the manufactures instructions. loveyoubathrooms There is no need for a shower screen to be old fashioned, make a statement and create a wow bathroom.