Having an ensuite in your home has many benefits:

• It is extremely convenient to have a bathroom just steps away from your bed.
• It feels like a secluded, luxurious space
• En Suites are very sought after and can add financial benefits to your home

En suites are generally small spaces, significantly smaller than the main bathroom yet fulfilling the same role. Your en suite can still be a fully functioning room whilst being stylish and sophisticated.

Plan ahead, think about the requirements you have. Your En suite will obviously have to have a toilet and basin. Do you have space for a bath or shower enclosure? Plan your layout. There are many options of shower enclosures available to suit all spacial needs.

Maximise the space available to you. Wall hung toilets and basins are a great way to give the idea of more floor space. Wall hung units are much easier to clean around too! You should also consider corner units, which as the name suggests, fit directly into the corner of your room. There are many corner basins to choose from, some even with a vanity unit. Choose large floor tiles with contrasting grout too, this will also give a spacious feel.

Maximise all the natural light that is available to you. Natural light is your greatest asset, if you cannot have a full window consider a sky light. Careful use of LED lighting and mirrors can really compliment the features in your bathroom.

Consider the ventilation, adding a shower or bath to a bedroom will create additional moisture vapour, so the room will require ventilation to prevent condensation problems. Fitting an electric extractor fan through the wall or ceiling is inexpensive. It’s also a better way to ventilate your room than opening a window, which loses heat and isn’t very secure.

Keep your colours neutral. By staying neutral and bright, you will create an illusion of space. Loud colours can shrink the appearance of your room.