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Your shower is often a sanctuary, cutting you off from the outside world. It is a place where you wash the stresses of a long day or prepare yourself for the day ahead. It is important to keep this area clean, allowing you to relax and feel refreshed – could you do this in a mildew covered shower enclosure!? Maintaining a dazzling space could also add thousands to the value of your home. We, at Shower Enclosures Direct, are here to help, we have complied a list of our top tips to ensure that your shower enclosure stands the test of time.

Easy Clean Treatment

We recommend that you invest in a shower enclosure that has easy clean glass. Untreated glass has an uneven surface, which algae and dirt clings to. Easy Clean Glass is a treatment of film sprayed over the glass surface. Don’t worry if you don’t have an enclosure which benefits from an easy clean treatment; there are products on the market designed to help and you can apply them yourself.

Warm Soapy Water

We do not recommend using harsh or abrasive products on your enclosure, in fact, we recommend that you wash down your glass with warm soapy water and a bit of elbow grease once a week! After every shower, use a squeegee to remove water from the surface of your glass, this will eliminate build up, thus, removing the root causes of mildew and mould, removing the problem before it becomes one. Carry out a thorough clean of your shower doors once every 6 months. Chemical cleaning can actually damage your enclosure by corroding the rollers, seals and chrome plating.

Lubricate Your Rollers

After a thorough clean, lubricate your track and rollers to ensures that the rollers can glide ease. This is a quick and easy way to ensure that your rollers and indeed your shower enclosure stands the test of time.

Chrome Plating

To clean the frame and handles of your shower enclosure use warm water and vinegar. Do not use any abrasive products such as metal cleaner as this will corrode the chrome plating. Invest in a good brand of shower door, such as the AquaSpa range to ensure maximum longevity for years to come!!

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The Ultimate Showers Buying Guide

22 Apr 2015 17:45:00

Thinking of purchasing a new shower for your bathroom?

Our complete blog offers a concise review on the options available and help you choose the correct shower for your bathroom. Ensuring your new shower works compatibly with your plumbing is vital, getting it wrong can make expensive plumbing costs add up and slow down your renovation. You may be interested in the BBCs’ article on people showering habits revealed when shopping for a new shower.

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Be different this valentine, don't run to your local garage and get a bouquet of carnation flowers (it rarely goes down well). If you are trying to impress your significant other this valentines day then we suggest the thoughtful approach (psst it doesn't take to long to do either). Create something different this valentines day (or for a birthday / Christmas or because your such a nice person) and become a legendary gift giver with our 4 step tutorial on handmade soap. Create some romance this valentines day by following our handmade soap recipe.

So how do you make handmade soap?

You can purchase these materials from your local craft store or any online retailer such as amazon/ ebay/ craft shop. soap Materials: Clear Glycerin soap Essential oils Rubbing alcohol
  1. Cut the glycerin soap into small shaped cubes (it's pretty much like making jelly). Small cubes will ensure that they will melt quicker and remember to cut evenly sized cubes.
  2. You can boil the glycerin soap using a bowel placed over boiling water on the hob or give it a quick zap in the microwave until the soap is completely melted.
  3. Stir in your essential oils to the glycerin mix thoroughly. A little bit of essential oils will go a far way as it is a concentrate.
  4. For a personal twist on your handmade soap add a bit of colour using soap dyes/ soap scents or flowers etc.
  5. Pour your mixture into a mold you have chosen to create your finalized shape. Alternatively use a cutter/knife to make your shape if placing the mixture into a tray. Spray rubbing alcohol over the mixture to dissolve any air bubbles.
Allow 4-6 hours for your handmade soap mixture to completely solidify and surprise your partner with a unique and heart warming gift. Get inspired with you valentines gift and create a difference. Try your own variations on this simple diy classic by using colours mixed together/ different scents/ rope to hang the soap/ personilsed gift placed into the center of the soap.   [gallery columns="4" ids="434,435,436,437,438,439,440,441"] Keep upto date with us on facebook. Read More
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At Shower Enclosures Direct we feel it is very important to give something back to our local community for all the help and support they have given to us throughout our 10 years of trading. As a gesture to give back we are currently offering an extra 5% off for our south west customers, we are based on the Devon / Cornwall border and offer free speedy delivery on all of our items.  We already offer an amazing 30% of the RRP on hundreds of bathroom products and when you enter the code 'swest' through the checkout phase we will credit you your 5%. Please call our offices for any additional information on this promotion call 01566 780480 or email [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="579"] South West of  England best value bathroom products and discount[/caption]   Shower Enclosures Direct specialize in bathroom products, selling shower doors/ trays / bath tubs / shower enclosures / bathroom suites in many styles, sizes and brands. We pride ourselves on being fully stocked of the items we sell and dispatch directly from our warehouses. We have spent the last 10 years investing in finding the best in bathroom manufacturing to ensure that our customers recieve the best quality products on the market.    Read More


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