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When you are in the process of purchasing your new shower enclosure you need to ensure that it is exactly what you want in terms of quality and aesthetic. Making the wrong decisions may be an expensive thing if you end up refitting in only a short space of time. The most important things to look out for when purchasing your new shower enclosure are listed below.

Glass Quality

The quality of the glass is an important feature that needs to be considered, not only for its thickness but whether the glass is of British standard BS 7570. All our glass includes a minimum of 6mm toughened safety glass to BS 7570 standard and is designed to withstand any direct impact.

Our screens are also pre-treated with easy-clean glass treatment meaning that you can easily clean any marks or dirt off of your shower enclosure hassle free.

For examples of these features take a look at our shower enclosures or sliding shower door range.

The Frame

The strength of your frame is also an important factor to consider as cheaper frames will easily dent and cause highly visible scratches when pushed against. The quality of our chrome frames ensures the shower enclosure or door is strengthened to prevent this happening, which not only increases the lifespan of your shower but ensures it looks new for years to come.

Rollers and Hinges

The rollers and hinges used on our shower doors are a very important feature, which is why we use strong metal twin rollers and hinges. These last longer, look better and do not need replacing as often.

Door Handles

Our shower enclosures come with a different range of durable handles, some are round "knob" shaped and others are bar handles. You can choose which type depending on what grip or look you desire.

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Replacing your old shower door can make a big difference to the look and functionality of your shower. There are 2 main different types of hinge shower doors available depending on the style of door that you desire.

Which hinge door is best suited for your bathroom depends primarily on the space you have available in your bathroom and how you want your new shower door to look.

Hinge Shower Door

The Hinged Shower Door is a glass shower panel that swings open in one direction like a typical door. The door hinge can be attached to a stationary glass panel or to the wall or shower surround (as shown in the image provided).

The hinge shower door is a perfect choice if you want a large entry into your new shower as they open up fully to allow you the full entry width of the shower.

Pivot Shower Door

The other type of hinged shower door is a Pivot Shower Door. A Pivot shower door is similar to the hinge shower door in that it is a single glass shower panel that opens by swinging open, the majority of time, in one direction.

Pivots consist of metal sleeves that fit around the top and bottom of the shower door. These sleeves connect the door to a metal rod, or pivot, so require a frame of some form so that the pivot hinges can be held in place both above and below the shower door.

Like the hinge shower door it will require a bit of space to open the door but not quite as much, because the pivot hinge is positioned a certain distance in from the edge of the door. This means that some of the door will swing inwards whilst the majority of the door will open outwards.

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If you are limited on space in your bathroom here are a few tips to make your bathroom look stylish and spacious and to utilise the space you do have more effectively.

A Fresh Splash of Paint

One of the simplest things you can do to make your bathroom appear more spacious is to give it a fresh lick of paint.

Dark coloured paint or patterned wallpaper tends to make the room seem crowded and smaller, so switching to bright, fresh and simplistic colours / designs will instantly help to make your bathroom feel and appear more spacious. The benefit of using white based colours is that you have a blank canvas for which your bathroom furniture / accessories will provide the colouring.

If you like bolder colours, you could opt for a feature wall. This would be the perfect way of bringing the decor to life without it being completely overwhelming in a small space. Firstly, choose the wall you are going to use. This should ideally be a wall that has nothing on it (i.e. no windows or doors) providing a blank canvas in which you can create your feature wall. Then use a bold colour or a pattern effect to make the wall stand out.

Use The Wall, Not The Floor

A clever way of increasing the space available to you in your bathroom is to use back to wall and wall hung sanitary ware, such as toilets and sinks.

These items are designed to be compact, increasing the floor space in your bathroom, making your bathroom appear instantly more spacious as well as concealing the cistern and providing an aesthetically pleasing streamlined effect.

Drawers or Shelves?

When trying to make your bathroom appear more spacious open shelves are a great thing to have, as they provide you with lots of storage, whilst at the same time visually opening up a small space. Using inspiration from design magazines can also help to create a bathroom that looks more stylish, inviting and relaxing by using shelves to add your own ornaments and personal effects.

If you want more of a clean line look you may want to consider a bathroom vanity unit. This would be a great option to combine your bathroom sink with lots of storage underneath. This would free up floor space and enhance the feeling of spaciousness in your bathroom.

Tiling Tricks

The tiles you choose for your bathroom can create a feeling of space.

Using smaller or patterned tiles can often give the appearance of a smaller and cluttered bathroom. The best tiles to use are large, plain, light coloured tiles, which show less grout lines and make your bathroom seem more spacious, clean and elegant.

Bath or Shower or Both?

Possibly the most important features in your bathroom are your shower enclosure and / or bath.

If you would prefer a shower and a bath, but do not have the space for them individually, the best solution is to get a shower bath. Like a normal bathtub, they save space by sitting flush to the wall whilst still working as an excellent focal point.

If you decide that all you want is a shower enclosure in your bathroom then you are probably better off getting an enclosure with some form of sliding shower door or bi-fold shower door, such as a quadrant shower enclosure or a bi-fold shower door.

These shower enclosures are ideal in smaller bathrooms, saving space by using different shower doors. We have 2 options - the bi-fold shower door, which folds in on itself instead of opening outwards, and sliding shower doors which simply slide along the rails of your enclosure without needing any additional space to open.

If you are lucky enough to have a large bathroom space, you may want to utilise this space by making a wet room / large walk in shower area.

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Square Bath Screen with Towel RailStraight Bath ScreenElla Hinge Square Bath Screen

If you have a small bathroom it may be more difficult to have both a shower and a bath tub.

Bath screens provide a great alternative that allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds. However, choosing the right bath screen can be a daunting process as there are certain things that you need to consider before purchasing your bath screen. Listed below is some useful information to consider.

What Sort of Bath Do You Own?

The first thing that you need to consider before you start looking for your bath screen is what sort of bath tub you have.

If you have a curved bath in your bathroom then you would require a curved bath screen such as our Ella Curved P-Bath Screen.

If you have a straight bath then you will need a straight bath screen such as our Classic Bath Screen or even our Square Bath Screen.

If you haven’t purchased your bath tub yet, it may be best to choose this first before ordering your bath screen.

So What Size Screen Do I Need?

Once you know what sort of bath screen you would like, you need to calculate what size bath screen you would need.

The average size for a bath screen is usually between 800 to 1000 mm in width and around 1400 mm high, but this is dependent on the measurements of your bath and the way you want it to look.

For example, If you have a Barmby 1600mm rectangular bath, you may want to purchase a bath screen that would take up half the length of your bath, such as the 800 mm Sail Bath Screen or Classic Bath Screen.

Whatever bath screen you desire we have the perfect one for you. Click here to view our vast collection.

Square Bath Screen with Towel RailStraight Bath ScreenElla Hinge Square Bath Screen

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Looking for the right bath tub for you can be a very timely process and needs to be done right, after all you will have to look at and use this bath tub virtually every day for a very long period of time as a bath tub isn’t something that you will be replacing on a regular basis, so that’s why it’s vital to find one that is the perfect match for both you and your bathroom. When choosing your bath tub there are various different things that need to be considered and we are going to cover them all in this article so you will know just where to start.


First steps

So the first thing that you will need to consider, before you start looking for your bathtub, is the space that you have available to you. This is a very important factor to consider as if you purchase a bathtub that is too big then obviously it will not fit and if you purchase too small a bathtub then it might stick out like a sore thumb in your bathroom. You also need to consider the shape that you want your bathtub to be which again would depend on the amount of space you have in your bathroom. For more details about some of the shapes check out our blog all about it by clicking here.

Once you have worked out how much space you have available to you in your bathroom you need to set yourself a budget of how much you are wanting to invest in your bath tub. The prices will often vary significantly depending on the size of the bathtub and also what material’s it is made from, for instance if you went for a larger bath then your budget will need to be a bit higher where as if you were looking for a smaller bath then you could be looking at a much cheaper option. With this in mind you may want to have a look around at what the different styles and different materials cost so that you will have a better idea of what sort of baths will be in your price range.


How do you want to use your bath?

Before you start getting carried away with the aesthetics of your bathtub, it may be worth considering the practicality of the bathtub in your household. For instance if you like to use your bath tub to relax and stretch out when you come home then you may want to consider a larger bath such as one of our corner baths, or if you take regular baths and just want to enjoy a nice long relaxing soak in comfort then you may be more interested in a more luxurious class of bath such as our free standing, roll top baths.

Other practical uses for bath tubs that you may want to look for include such things as shower facilities, this may be required if you want the choice of either a shower or a bath but can’t fit both in your bathroom or even if you just tend to use a shower more often but still want the option of having an occasional relaxing bath.

Other considerations

So besides comfort, shape and price what else do you need to consider when looking for your bathtub? Well one quite important feature to consider is the weight of the product, obviously if you are purchasing a bath tub that you know will be made from a heavy material then you will need to ensure that the area you are going to position your bath tub cam sustain the weight. You will also need to consider the additional weight when using the bath such as the water used to fill the bath and also the weight of the person using the bath.

Another important thing that you will also need to know is if the current location of your drainage system is suitable for the bath tub that you want to purchase, as if not it could cost a considerable amount more to relocate your drainage if at all possible. Other things like this that you may not have thought about includes allowing space to open your bathroom door and the amount of space you will have left in your bathroom once you have installed your new tub.

One thing that definitely needs to be kept in mind is the type of water system that you have installed in your household, this is important because if you are thinking of buying a larger bath tub then you will need to know if your water system is capable of sufficiently providing warm/hot water to fill the large bath tub.



So to conclude we have gone over all of the important considerations that need to be done before you finally purchase so hopefully this would have helped you with decision process. You also need to remember that your new bath tub will be an investment that you will have to live with for a long time so make sure you follow all of these considerations so that you get the right bathtub for you.

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Just how important is the thickness of your glass shower enclosure? Shower doors are available in various sizes; 4, 5, 6, 8 & 10mm. Regardless of what you decide, your shower enclosure should be manufactured with toughened glass. This is a heat treatment and it is a British safety standard. Toughened safety glass ensures that in the unlikely event of your shower door breaking it will shatter into tiny pieces rather than shards. This will avoid any nasty accidents or injuries.Read More
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Square Bath Screen with Towel RailStraight Bath ScreenElla Hinge Square Bath Screen

Bath screens are an extremely important feature in any bathroom.

If you have a smaller bathroom and do not have the luxury of a separate shower cubicle and bath, then a shower screen is a must have. A shower screen gives the illusion that you have a spacious shower enclosure, while still keeping water splashes contained in your bath.

Think about the space that is available to you. Will your bath screen be next to your sink/doorway and be able to open fully, allowing full access, or get in the way when not in use. Maybe consider a four folding screen, which can be folded like concertina when not in use.

The shape of your bath may also dictate which style bath screen you choose. Apart from regular shaped bath screens, there are also curved ones to accommodate any needs. These are available in P, B or L shapes to fit both curved and square baths.

Your bath screen can also be used as an additional storage space. By choosing one with a towel rail or shelves you can maximise the space available to you.

Think about your overall design theme. There are many different shapes and styles to compliment every bathroom. We offer a wide range of screens that can either blend in with your bathroom layout or completely transform it.

Click below to view our vast range of modern bath screens.

Square Bath Screen with Towel RailStraight Bath ScreenElla Hinge Square Bath Screen

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Bath Screen Or Shower Curtain

13 Jun 2016 15:27:17

The age old question… Why choose a bath screen over a shower curtain? Perhaps you are unsure of which is the better option, then have a read of our blog.Read More
Posted in Bathrooms & Showers By Katie Norris

Why Choose A Hinged Shower Door?

3 Jun 2016 16:02:21

There are so many different types of shower doors to choose from – so which one is the best fit for your bathroom? Each day we are analysing a different style of door, today we are talking about hinged shower doors, but if you wish to read more about quadrant, sliding shower doors, bifolds or pivot doors see our other blogs hereRead More
Posted in Bathrooms & Showers By Katie Norris
Humidity can be a major problem in bathrooms as with showering or bathing comes steam, creating mildew and damp. It can even damage your walls and paint work, leading to bigger headaches down the line. So, what can you do to stop this problem. We suggest: COLD SHOWERS! Don’t worry, we have set out some other tips which might be useful.Read More
Posted in Bathrooms & Showers By Katie Norris
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