Choosing the correct shower tray is essential to ensure that your new shower enclosure will last the test time.

By reading our blog, we hope it will save you from having headaches / costly mistakes further down the line when remodeling your bathroom. What makes us different here at Shower Enclosures Direct is that we strive to sell the best quality products on the market and make great savings by buying direct from our factories, therefore we cut out the middle man, this ensures that our customers know they are buying our products which are made to a high quality build and receive great discounted prices. Choosing the correct shower tray is fundamental, this is the foundation for your shower enclosure, so getting this right is a must!

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'Acylic v Stone resin' shower trays is not a recent debate in the bathroom industry, did you know at Shower Enclosures Direct we only sell 'pearlstone' shower trays and you may wonder, why is that? We are coming into this blog with a one sided argument, throughout our 10 years of trading, our team have gained over 50 years of experience within this field and have seen trends come and go. We have even sold acrylic shower trays in our past, so why don't we now?

Acrylic Shower Trays

Acrylic shower trays have come on leaps and bounds in the last 10 years, so some facts to learn about acrylic shower trays to help with your choice when coming to buying one. Firstly you need to determine is your acrylic shower tray solid or constructed using sheet acrylic, if it is made using acrylic sheet this means it will be hollow. We have learnt from our experience and reading online reviews that customers have stated to be wary of acrylic shower trays that are hollow, they crack and eventually split in the early stages of their working life. If you are looking at acrylic solid shower trays you will also notice from many online reviews that they are hard to install and require a experience specialist fitter. An amateur or less experienced fitter will find difficulty fitting a acrylic shower tray as they are known to flex, warp / convex underneath and therefore will not sit level. We have also read that people have experienced flexibility with these trays after installation which causes leaks and become a persistent problem for the user moneysavingexpert.

  • Hollow  (sheet acrylic) or Solid Construction?
  • Hollow Trays known to crack and split in early stages of use.
  • Solid Acrylic Shower Trays require specialist fitter.
  • Solid Acrylic Trays known to warp / flex underneath making the tray impossible to sit level.
  • Chinese manufactured.
  • Not a long warranty given.
  • Cheaper than a stone resin tray.
  • Flexibility causes movement and leaks after installation. 

'Pearlstone' Stone Resin Shower Trays:

At Shower Enclosures Direct our shower trays are manufactured in Hallifax that is here in Britain, this means that our shower trays are made with true innovation and to the best quality on the market. In the past people have associated stone resin shower trays with the idea that they were to heavy to use and install, well in the past few years we have worked with different suppliers to find the best, we at Shower Enclosures Direct only stock 'pearlstone' shower trays as they abolish all pre-conceived notions of stone resin trays. Pearlstone shower trays are 50% lighter than your average shower tray making installation of these robust trays an easy process. What makes these trays lighter then your average shower tray? Our range of 'pearlstone ' trays are made using volcanic ash mixed with polyurethane resin making them not only lighter but also the strongest trays available. Did you know when you purchase a stone resin tray it makes installation easier for any fitter as they are now lighter meaning, they are easier to handle. All of the shower trays we stock benefit form having a flat underside making leveling  and fitting easier then ever before. At only 40mm high the 'Pearlstone' range is among the sleekest on the market and can be set into the bathroom floor to create a wet room, alternatively it can be fitted flush to the floor as standard or if you require your pipes to run away it can be installed using a leg riser kit to erect the tray to conceal unsightly pipework. The Pearlstone Matrix has screw retention so that the feet from the leg set can be attached directly on to the flat base of the tray. Stone resin trays have now become very competitive in price, matching the price of acrylic shower trays, for the samll price difference and peace of mind that you are buying a quality product which will last a lifetime we recommend the use of a stone resin trays above all others.

  • Made in Britain using innovative technologies to a high standard build.
  • Lifetime Guarantee which you can trust.
  • Solid Construction, 50% lighter and stronger then other ranges.
  • Easy and quick to fit  which saves on costly installation bills. 
  • Damage Resistant - The material means that it does not shrink, twist or warp, will look great in years to come.
  • Price competitive compare to acrylic trays.
  • 40mm slimline design
  • 3mm acrylic white cap which provides a warm to the touch when used.

Pearlstone Rectangular Tray 900 to 1200

Look out for our trademarks highlighting the quality of our range of shower trays.